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An invitation to dream @thislifeasjasmin

An invitation to dream @thislifeasjasmin

What is your dream (or dreams)? 

To be living a life where I am happy, aligned, inspired, have freedom and feel like I’m working for a purpose and making a difference in areas I’m passionate about. Broad but - that’s it!

A little less broad though - I want to be able to use my own mental health and disordered eating/ body image struggles to help others going through similar journeys, and to help and inspire particularly women to find peace with their bodies and a balanced approach to health that nourishes mind, body and soul. 

AND make a difference for our planet. I’m becoming a huge sustainability nerd and I kinda just want to save our planet 🌎

Who inspires you to dream bigger? 

Oh my gosh so many people! I honestly get inspiration from ANYONE who is just unapologetically living their best lives and chasing their own dreams and passions - and inspiring others in the process.  

What dreams are you working towards right now? 

Well I recently left my full time job to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle and see how that goes for a while - and am now working for myself in the social media space (for my own personal brand and for clients) and also for an incredible company who has big dreams to see events become zero waste in Wellington and beyond! Basically just following my heart and passions and seeing where I end up!

What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams? 

Starting my day by moving my body and with a nourishing breakfast help me to feel amped up and inspired to take on my day! Health and fitness have evolved for me in the last couple of years from being something quite 'rigid' to now being about nourishing my mind, body and soul and learning to listen to what my body needs. When I'm in tune with this - I just feel so much clearer and inspired to actually achieve what I set out to.

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing? 

To walk your own path. We have ONE life and too many of us spend years living life under societies' expectations or for others. I spent too many years making decisions that I thought I 'should' make because I wanted to be seen as successful and was scared of judgement! I’ve now absolutely rejected that and some may see my path as ‘unconventional’ but I’m owning that and I’m so much happier following my passions and my own path. Don't let anyone else' opinion of you prevent you from chasing your dreams. Be kind, do you. 🌟

What struggles have you faced along your journey? 

Actually figuring out what my dreams - and purpose - were - and the need to have a purpose with no clue how to get there. I struggled with my mental health around the end of and the couple of years out of high school as I just felt so lost and so unsure of my purpose and didn’t have healthy coping strategies. It’s still a work in progress but I’m so much more at peace with just taking life and opportunities as they come as opposed to needing this big grand plan - which by the way I still absolutely don’t have! 😂 Funnily enough it’s only been in surrendering to that that I’ve begun to find passion and purpose!  

What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams? 

Mindfulness and gratitude. I journal and practise gratitude every single morning (something I started last year!) and that really helps to centre myself and ground myself in my values. 

Oh and a camera, and the internet. Instagram has been a huge tool for me to create a community and use my voice to connect with others in areas I am passionate about - and also to find inspiration. 

How do you stay on track? 

Reminding myself of my values and what is important to me. Having a strong why and letting that guide decisions I make. And again, often coming back to journaling! When I’m doubting myself, questioning what I’m doing or feeling overwhelmed I’ll journal or do a big brain dump to get all my thoughts onto paper, that I can then break down into smaller tasks or goals.

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of? 

Travelling solo! I joined a tour with 8 strangers in May for 10 days, fell in love with travelling (even if it is just in NZ for now!) and have since been on 3 more trips - the last one being 2 weeks fully solo down South! LOVED it. It challenged me in a way I didn’t know I needed and now I just want to keep going.

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