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An invitation to dream @rawgoodness

An invitation to dream @rawgoodness

What is your dream (or dreams)?

Our dream is simple, to produce the world's best quality raw desserts. We want our company to be known for creating the most delicious, mouth watering,  beautiful raw desserts on the market that are a step above the rest. If we can manage that with a reputation of amazing customer service then we're happy women.

Who inspires you to dream bigger?

To be honest some of the amazing local companies that started here in New Zealand are a huge inspiration to us. Even though our goals are different they are constantly inspiring us with their expansion to other countries and the way these brands are so loved & adored by the people of NZ. They remind us that no matter how small you start the sky is the limit & there are also so many people
out there happy to support you on the journey.

What dreams are you working towards right now?

To make our raw slices accessible for every New Zealander. In other words apart from offering this via our online store, having our products across a range of retailers so everyone across the country can have access to them.

What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams?

Health & fitness has a huge part to play. It keeps us connected to community, it's an area we're passionate about & there is always more to learn when it comes to health & fitness. Various fitness forms are a part of our daily lives to help keep us balanced mentally/ physically & contributes to us having a healthier outlook on life & therefore keeps us optimistic within our business. You can also always guarantee one of us is reading a health book. I think having backgrounds in teaching has really encouraged us to be life long learners and seek opportunities to gain more knowledge when we can & that comes easily when it is something that you're passionate about.

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing?

I think the most important thing we have learnt or can share from our experience is that if you have an idea or a vision, even if you don't have all the details figured out - just start! It is amazing to see what can happen, who steps in to join you, the people that come into your life, what direction it can take & how far it can go just from taking that first scary step. We certainly didn't have it all planned
to a T just had an idea & jumped straight into it & it has grown & developed ever since.

What struggles have you faced along your journey?

We have been lucky in that we have never lacked faith in our dream, however for a period we were both teaching & working on the business which was quite a drain energy wise. At some point we had to seriously re-evaluate, take some risks by stepping out of our secure full time jobs and take a good look at where each others strengths lie in order to be more effective & use our energy & time more wisely. We continue to do this when we reach stages where things seem to not be flowing as they should.

What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams?

In regards to what we do personally we both ensure we try to have as much of a balanced life as possible & having positive routines such as exercise, gratitude practices, time spent in nature, with friends etc helps to create this. As far as business we make the most of utilizing any workshops, using business mentors, reaching out to others in the health & wellbeing community for advice &
support, as well as online resources. The amount of times google has come to the rescue when unsure about something (particularly technology based) is impressive.

How do you stay on track?

We stay on track by regular check ins, keeping each other accountable & reminding ourselves how far we've come. If we're deviating we pull each other up & re-motivate ourselves by going back to our why.

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of?

We are really big on celebrating the small stuff so make an effort to appreciate every milestone. In terms of recent success now having close to 50 retailers around the country is something we are extremely proud of, as well as over 16k followers on our combined social media pages.

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