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An invitation to dream @jubesmarshmallow

An invitation to dream @jubesmarshmallow

What is your dream (or dreams)?

I have a lot of dreams and I’m slowly working towards some better than others. The things you see me post on social media are the dreams I am putting the most mahi into currently. Those include becoming an Olympian for boxing and also a world class actor. I really want to be in films that make you feel something, I don’t want to be a celebrity I want to be an actor! I also have two dreams for when I’m older and that is to own a sports franchise in each major USA sport and be the first person to get a ring in each one and to also create my own fictional universe like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, DBZ etc

Who inspires you to dream bigger?
My parents inspire me to chase my dreams because they didn’t. My Dad died at 43 and was terminally ill from 35. He would always tell me life is too short to not give it 100%. His Mum died when he was 16 and he gave up so he always told me not to follow in his footsteps. Also many pro athletes inspire me and you see and hear their stories. If they can do it why can’t I?

What dreams are you working towards right now?

Right now boxing is #1 I am putting most of my time into that. I train most days and I’m thinking I will box until the 2024 Paris Olympics and then I’ll retire and focus on acting. Acting is #2 and I’m currently doing acting classes to help further my craft. The classes I am doing help with the US style of acting and I am also working on my American accent.

What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams?

Being fit and healthy makes life so much easier. For boxing you need a high level of fitness, nutrition and discipline to perform at a high level. I was quite disciplined before starting the sport, but boxing helps me to stay away from drugs and alcohol and I also aim to always get a goodnights sleep. I honestly think if I partied I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have now. One thing I like to say is “You never regret going for a run but you always regret not going”

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing?

“DGAF” I would always say this world at high school. I have never cared what others think about me and would always do me and be me. If I ever wanted to do something I would just do it and I always believed in myself. Life is too short to care about the little things. Life and the people around you are always changing so go all in and give it 1000000% be a dgaf

What struggles have you faced along your journey?

I have had many struggles along the way. My Dad getting sick when I was 6 and passing away at 14. My Dad, Grandad and friend Zelius Venter all died within 3 months of each other. Going to Winz as a young kid with Mum on a monthly basis to get food grants. Being homeless at 15 and having to share a bedroom with my Mum and Brother for 6 months. Homeless at 20 and living at the boxing gym for 6 months and then bouncing between friends houses for a year trying to get on my feet. Going to Australia at 18 for a fresh start and then seeing my best friends Dad drop dead from a heart attack right in front of us after two weeks of being there. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But hey is all that stuff even that bad? I’ve had just as many highs as lows

What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams?

I actually don’t use a lot of tools. I would actually say the main thing that helps me achieve my dreams are people. I have a lot of mentors that give me a lot of advice and they help steer me in the right direction. I would say I have 6 mentors and these are people that have nothing to do with the boxing or acting world. As you know I do boxing and acting and these can’t be done alone. Coaches, sparring partners, film crews, acting coaches are all a part of my success and I wouldn’t be anything without them. But also friends and family pushing me.

How do you stay on track?

I stay on track by being hungry. I don’t want to be a shoulda, coulda, woulda. Like I was saying before I’m dgaf and because of my past life experiences I love bumps in the road. I can over come anything. I’m not afraid of failure because I have already failed so many times in my life, What’s one more? I also stay on track because I never think of what can go wrong, I only think of what can go right. But I’m also nothing special and if I can achieve great things, so can anyone and that is why I stay on track, so I can inspire others.

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of?

I’m only 23 and by the time it’s all said and done my Dad would be proud. Even if I stop now and don’t amount to anything that would be fine. I’ve already lived more in the last 9 years than people have in their whole entire lives.

But also winning Golden Gloves.

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