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An Invitation to Dream - @izzyfuge

An Invitation to Dream - @izzyfuge

What is your dream (or dreams)?

I dream to live a life filled with love, laughter, smashing goals and helping people! I can't wait to do all of this along side my partner Frank who is the type of guy I once dreamed of. Career wise I dream to be a Police Woman or in a similar role helping in the community. People are everything to me. I also dream to be a Mother and I am so excited for when that day comes.

Who inspires you to dream bigger?

Riley Hemson aka Healthychick101 has been my biggest inspo throughout my journey to where I am now. She has taught me that a healthy body comes in all shapes and sizes, she is unapologetically herself and lives her life to the fullest. I aspire to have the confidence she does and she has shown me that to get there I don't need to change my

body but rather my mindset.

What dreams are you working towards right now?

Being the fittest and strongest version of me! F45 is where I train/call home and I have just started another F45 6 week challenge so I am excited to see what goals I can smash over the next 6 weeks and furthermore after that!


What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams?

Health and Fitness are what I rely on to ensure I am on my best mental game, without them I would not have the confidence, the drive and the mental toughness that I do now. My life changed dramatically from the day that I invested in my health and fitness.

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing?

My Mum has always told me to have courage and be kind and this is something I hold close to my heart every day. I remind myself to have courage and be kind not only to others but also to myself. I believe your relationship with yourself and your self-talk is the most important tool you have, especially in reaching your dreams.

What struggles have you faced along your journey?

I struggle a lot with mental illness and this has been the hardest trial in my life so far. Worse things have happened to me but having a sick brain is not fun at all. Without this though I wouldn't be as tough as I am and I wouldn't have the level of empathy that I do now so I try and see the positive when I can.


What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams?

Exercise! I feel unstoppable when exercise is consistent in my life. It has a ripple effect on everything I do and how I function. It also is the main action I need to take in terms of reaching my goals so for me it's a non negotiable.

How do you stay on track?

I voice my dreams and my goals to my support crew who always keep me accountable. I also write out all my goals and reward myself when I reach them.

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of?

I always dreamed of being fit and strong and now I am! Growing up I found exercise really scary and it caused me a lot of anxiety because I didn't have confidence in myself. It is now something I am really confident in. It makes me feel whole and I am so proud of the Mahi I have put in to get here.

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An Invitation to Dream @healthykelsii

An Invitation to Dream @healthykelsii

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An Invitation To Dream -

An Invitation To Dream -

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