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An Invitation to Dream @healthykelsii

An Invitation to Dream @healthykelsii

What are your dreams?

To live a life full of fun, adventure and lots of travel and to have a job that I love forever!

Who inspires you to dream bigger?

My parents, they’re literally my favourite people in the world! I always thought I was going to do something really cool with my life and that’s purely because my parents always told me that (which I realise is quite rare). They live the most incredible life full of so much love, family, fun and adventure. But at the same time working incredibly hard. My dad owns super successful businesses and my mums an amazing artist so I like to think I’m a mix of the two! I was super lucky to have them to look up to growing up.

What dreams are you working towards right now?

Growing my own business. I absolutely love creating and developing recipes and want this to be my long term career. I’m releasing my first cook book this year which is super exciting (I’m also working on something else that is extremely cool which will is going to be released early next year)


What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams?

Health and fitness play a massive role in my everyday life. I was a competitive swimmer my entire life and I think that taught me how to create and work towards long term goals. Now I love to do a bunch of different forms of exercise, I just do what I feel like doing on the day – I always feel 100 times better mentally after I move my body, even if it’s just a little walk.

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing?

Life doesn’t always go to plan but I’ve found there’s always a reason for it. If you want something bad enough try everything you can to make it happen and then try some more!

What struggles have you faced along your journey?

I genuinely always thought I was going to be an athlete (compete at the Olympics, Com Games etc) and when I realised I didn’t want that dream anymore it was really hard to figure out what my next move was. Once I quit swimming I desperately wanted to travel the world and a week before we were meant to leave covid hit. I think all of the emotions from quitting swimming and finishing uni came out at once which led to me having a full breakdown thinking I wasn’t good enough at anything to make a job out of it. Funny because that’s what started Healthy Kelsi!


What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams?

Gratitude plays a large role in my day to day life, I almost do it subconsciously now. Multiple times a day I realise how incredibly lucky I am to live the life that I do. I also meditate and practise yoga regularly. (I love the Deliciously Ella app, Joe Dispenser, Centr Fit.)

I like to surround myself with positive, uplifting people. Apparently you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so I chose to be around people who make me the best version of myself I can be.

How do you stay on track?

I’m definitely a morning person so I try get as much done in the first part of my day because I know that’s when I’m most productive. I also like to make lists and tick them off as I go. When something happens that makes me sad or angry I try give myself a time limit to feel those feelings then completely move on. Obviously different circumstances take longer than others to get over so sometimes I give myself 20 minutes and other times it’s an entire day.

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of?

Writing my first cookbook! It’s being released September 13 th and I’ve honestly never been so proud of anything (or worked so hard on anything) in my entire life.

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