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An Invitation To Dream -

An Invitation To Dream -

What is your dream (or dreams)?

Oh boy I have toooo many dreams. My main dream is to inspire others out there to chase their goals and follow their desires. You don’t have to follow the norm, at least I didnt. I dropped out after first year university to become a Skydiver at 19 and moved to Australia alone to work full time in skydiving industry. Do what truly makes you happy.

Another dream is to normalise talking about mental health and break the stigma around this topic too. I also dream one day to open my own cafe, becoming a female tandem master, travel the world, constantly chasing what fulls up my cup and holding space for people through the form of breathwork and meditation to name a few haha. Not enough time in each day!

Who inspires you to dream bigger?

The first thing that comes to mind is I am working towards finishing my personal training course (done in a few days woohooo) and starting to hold my very own breathwork shops (soooo out of my comfort zone) while also look at moving back to australia once covid settles down which is a dream I want to go back to. But i guess my main focus right now is to really work and focus on my self and i wake up every day to become 1% better than I was yesterday.

What role does health and fitness play in helping you to achieve your dreams?

Health and fitness is a massive part of my life. I move my body daily as it is a part of my routine, it keeps me on track, benefits my mental health like theres no tomorrow and always leaves me feeling good. When i achieve my fitness goals in the fitness world I feel strong, confident and like I can achieve anything. I am always pushing my body in ways i never thought possible and love the whole process of it. I can’t wait to become a personal trainer to help others achieve goals they never thought possible and to help them remove those limiting beliefs.

What is one lesson you have learnt that you think is worth sharing?

Follow your gut. Deep down you know whats right for you.

What struggles have you faced along your journey? This is a personal question so feel free to answer however you wish.

Alot. The last few years i have been faced with a lot of hurdles/struggles. But i believe this is all apart of the journey and i would not be who i was today if it wasn’t for them. I have learnt how to come back stronger from set backs and
failures and pick my self back up quicker each time.

What tools do you use to help you follow your dreams? 

I have slowly picked up a lot of tools along the way to help me smash my goals and hold me accountable. I use exercise, meditation, breathwork, journaling, gratitude and getting the outdoors. I am heavy on self development and self growth and am always looking at ways to improve/better my self. I create vision boards, write a lot of goals and use habit trackers. If its a big dream I want to achieve - i simply break it down into as many small achievable goals as possible to make it seem achievable and tick them off as I go. Bringing the end dream - closer. Working at these small goals daily.

How do you stay on track?

I am massive on goals and lists. I am always writing out monthly goals and daily to-do’s to keep me on track. These stay on my wall in a place i see everyday to hold me accountable and remind me why I am doing what I am doing. I am faced with my goals and desires daily on my wall. i break them all down into small achievable goals which I find sets me up to achieve those dreams that seem ‘impossible”

What is a dream you have achieved already that you’re proud of? 

I am proud of always following my gut. Breaking the normal life and dropping out of uni to follow my dreams to pursue skydiving. Even though the amount of people who thought i was crazy or told me to do something more ‘normal’ I
followed by gut and I am proud of that.

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An Invitation to Dream - @izzyfuge

An Invitation to Dream - @izzyfuge

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An invitation to dream @thislifeasjasmin

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An invitation to dream @rawgoodness

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